How to Make Magnets With Cricut: An Easy Guide for Crafters


Hello, my crazy crafters — I know it’s been a while since I posted my last tutorial. But this time, I am going to share with you how to make magnets with Cricut. As I was coming near my kitchen, I realized that my fridge was not looking attractive at all, and it was making my kitchen look dull. That’s when I realized that I needed to renovate my fridge and decorate it by sticking funky magnets.

My kids are always keen to learn something new that can enhance their crafting skills. Keeping that in mind, I decided to let them participate with me while creating custom magnets. To make the perfect fridge magnet design, I needed some Cricut tools & Design Space as well.

Don’t get anxious, as I have come up with the best way of designing magnets out of a Cricut machine setup. For that, you have to be a little calm and study this blog thoroughly.

Step 1: Create a Magnet Design on Cricut App

In the opening stage of how to make magnets with Cricut, open your Design Space sign-in page and fill in your Cricut ID & password inside the specific blank. Now, press the Upload option and choose your image from the Recently Uploads section. After selecting the image, hit the Add to Canvas option.

Now, choose any shape from the Shapes section and change its size depending on the image size. After doing that, change the background color of the shape and place the image on top of it. Next, change the size of the image and include the text inside the box using the Text toolbar.

Equally important, choose any picture of your choice from your system library or from the Recently Uploads section. After landing on the canvas, insert the shape and click the Slice button. To add the border around the image, go to Offset and add thickness by pressing the Apply option. Follow the same steps and make more magnet designs by changing the color and adding text to the magnet.

After designing all the designs, don’t waste any time and take out its printout from your respective printer.

Step 2: Print Out Your Design

Further adding to the how to make magnets with Cricut blog, press the Make It and then click the Continue option. Now, tick the Send to Printer and choose your printing device model from the list. Afterward, cross-check the settings, tick the Print option, and make the necessary changes. Following this, insert your printing sheet into your printer, and after a few minutes, you will get the printout of your magnet designs in front of you.

Step 3: Cut the Design With Your Cricut Machine

In addition to designing personalized magnets, go back to the Design Space app, set your material, and then tap the Done option. Furthermore, change the pressure and load tools and materials into your Cricut product. Moreover, you can also make the necessary changes as per your preference before starting the craft machine.

Equally important, stick your printout on the Cricut cutting mat and then load it into the craft machine. With the finalization of the cutting process, unload your mat and start removing the extra material from the mat. However, you can also take the help of your Cricut spatula or weeding tool to remove the material.

Step 4: Stick Your Magnets

Summing up the how to make magnets with Cricut process, gently remove the final designs from the mat. Now, you need to ensure that all the designs are peeled out perfectly without any serious damage. Ensure that you put pressure while placing the customized magnets on your fridge. Apart from sticking this craft on your fridge, you can also give it as a birthday present to your friends or close ones.

Through the earlier-said steps, we’ve come up to the end of the tutorial of designing personalized magnetic for fridges. Moreover, the crafter can also design another project out of their cutting machine with the help of compatible supplies and proper knowledge about making the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Cricut Magnets Without a Printer?

No, it isn’t going to be possible for any DIYer to make any kind of sticker without a printer. With the proper connection of the computer and printer, the user gets the design printout that helps in making the desired craft and gives it a proper formation as per the requirements.

Can I Make Money by Selling Cricut Magnets?

If you have recently started your own business or are planning to expand one, then selling Cricut magnets is the best option for you. You can design the magnets by using Cricut Design Space app and take out its printout from your printer. Other than that, you need to have a compatible cutting machine and cutting mat that can give you the desired magnet designs for your fridge.

How Can I Change My Cricut Magnet Design?

It’s very simple to change the design of the Cricut magnet during the design process. The user just needs to return back to their canvas and make the necessary changes by changing the font, size, image, or other tools as per their choice. Other than that, they are also given the option of changing the material before starting the cutting process.

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