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To be more creative towards crafting skills, you need to buy Cricut Joy tools and make them a part of the art room. This small, portable, and compact Cricut Joy machine cuts 50+ materials along with Smart Materials as well. Being a crazy fan of this Cricut product, I also love its supplies as they give me the freedom to make projects at the last minute and from any material within 15 minutes.

Also, these items are available at pocket-friendly prices on the official Cricut website design.cricut.com. Apart from the Cricut Joy materials and smart cutting machine, you must download the Design Space app. In the presence of all these items, you will be able to finish the craft within the time frame with the best quality. In this blog, I am going to focus on the best supplies for this Cricut machine.

1. Cricut Joy Insert Cards

Among the Cricut Joy tools list comes Insert cards, known for creating vibrant two-tone greeting cards without any mess. Also, it is easy to learn and quickly available at the fingertips. Plus, these A2 size cards include a white envelope and leave a profound impact on the recipient. It gets easier to cut the cards by using a specialized Joy cutting card mat, which is available in 12 different colors.

2. Cricut Joy Tote Case

Second, don’t you have any other option of leaving this cut-die machine product at home while going out of town? Don’t worry, as you can carry this mini but mighty small cutting machine with you. Made with a soft interior and customized pockets, you can keep all of the supplies organized and in the correct position. Plus, its magnetic back pockets easily handle the compatible Cricut cutting mats. Also, this crafting machine comes with a handle that makes it easy for the user to carry it from one place to another. This product is one of my favorite and most useful Cricut Joy tools, which I highly recommend for every crafter.

3. Cricut Joy Blade + Housing

Third, get ready to create any craft by considering this all-purpose blade along with the compatible housing. You can cut or slice the thinnest to thickest material while making any project out of a Cricut Joy cutting machine. Among the Cricut Joy tools, it is water and breakage-resistant and easily creates big or small tasks within 15 minutes. To increase the lifeline of one of these Joy machine accessories, keep replacing the blade on a regular basis.

4. Applicator and Remover Set

Another supply that you can include with the Cricut Joy tools and accessories is an applicator and remover set. Get a chance to extend the FabricGrip cutting mat for perfect application as well as removal. You can remove the wrinkles, dirt, and dust before starting the cutting process with the brayer tool. Besides, the tweezers make it easy to lift the small and fine threads from the mat without ruining the adhesive.

5. Cricut Joy Glue Gun

What’s more important, while referring to the Cricut Joy tools, you are surely going to love this glue gun like never before. This product aims towards comfort, precision, and control while creating any DIY project. Besides, its small trigger and diameter tip let the glue come out of the gun in tiny drops at the fine lines and tight spots of the material. Also, it has an auto-off feature that turns off the gun when the glue is finally ready to be used.

6. Cricut Joy Rotary Cutter, 45 mm

Referring to this Cricut product accessory, the process of cutting fabric became much more accessible, quicker, and faster. With the help of the handle, you can control this supply, and the quick-release button activates the blade when it isn’t in use. Among the Cricut Joy tools, its handle is perfect for both right & left-handed users. Plus, it is a great Cricut Joy companion during the cutting process.

7. Cricut Joy Transfer Tape

Further adding to the Cricut Joy essential tools, don’t leave the chance of transferring custom Cricut vinyl on the material. You can place this tape on any surface with ease and precision without ruining the design and surface. Also, it is made for Smart vinyl such as Holographic, Patterned, Metallic, and others. Plus, it is compatible with the Joy cutting machine and makes decals, labels, and many more. Craft lovers should consider getting this product as it is one of the essential Cricut Joy tools for pro-results in your DIY projects.

8. Portable Trimmer, 12"

Lastly, don’t leave the chance of precisely cutting down the materials in a straight line. Its smooth blade system cuts the material every time in the correct manner while using it during the cutting process. Also, this Joy machine supply custom-fit handle offers a smooth grip while cutting thousands of materials. Other than that, you can keep the replacement blades in the storage compartment inside the trimmer.

After clearing your doubts about Cricut Joy tools, it’s crystal clear that you are going to choose a compatible item before starting the cutting process. By taking the correct decision, you can make uncountable designs at home and also start your own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Cricut Rotary Blade Last?

The life of a Rotary blade entirely depends upon the material it is cutting and the number of times it has been used by the DIYer. Most professionals use this blade to cut soft materials such as silk, cotton, denim, and more. You are informed that using this blade while cutting hard materials will surely damage the sharpness of the blade, and it will get worn out quickly.

How Can I Take Care of Cricut Glue Gun?

Have a look at the following pointers and increase the Glue gun lifeline:

  • First, you need to unplug the glue gun when it isn’t in use.
  • Second, don’t remove the unused glue stick from your respective Cricut glue gun.
  • Third, clean your glue gun with a soft cloth soaked in warm water.
  • Also, never use nail polish remover or acetone to remove the glue gun.

How to Clean Cricut Cutting Mats?

Have a look at the following pointers and clean your Cricut cutting mat easily:

  1. Take an alcohol-free baby wipe and move it upward and downward with gentle hands.
  2. Next, use the scraper or brayer tool to remove the dust, debris, and extra material.
  3. Now, clean the cutting mat with dishwater and lukewarm water.
  4. You can use the Awesome spray and clean it with a sponge or cloth.

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